There are many reasons why a group of individuals might come together in order to share their spirituality.  Some religions require it, some incorporate it as a necessary expression of faith, some are geared towards community building and family cohesion and so sharing spirituality is a part of everyday life.  Some spiritual groups come together regularly to add their energies together and therefore have a much larger, deeper, more intense experience during spiritual practices than they would on their own.  Group dynamics can create magical experiences that are unexpected and nearly impossible to achieve as a solitary practitioner.

With that said there really are two different perspectives people have when participating in group spirituality.  Some are interested mainly in the social aspect.  They are creating and participating in community with like minded individuals which brings them joy and helps them harmonize their world.  The spiritual practice is a part of their participation in the community, but not the goal.  It is on facet and is balanced out by others and the main focus of their being there is to connect, share, and communicate.  On the other side are those who focus on the spirituality and it’s practice.  They participate in the community in order to foster soul growth, healing and other positive spiritual work, and to do so with the help and participation of others for that magic of group dynamics.  Each comes to share what they have learned, the wisdom they have accumulated, their particular gifts and inspiration and look for that from others.

Unfortunately these two perspectives do not work well together at times.  Coming for the social aspects of things and wanting to talk and share can collide with those who are attempting to work and vice versa.  Variations on these two perspectives occur in every spiritual group and in any given person depending on the day and where they are in their spiritual path and in their harmony with the group.  What helps to keep this from becoming a war of the roses is clear communication, an agreed upon and stated intention or goal for the group, and protocols for behavior within the group during group meetings.  Having these things in place helps guide the individuals in their behaviors and actions so that everyone can get their needs met, can coexist within the same space during the event, and keep the drama to a minimum.  It also invites those who might otherwise not be willing to participate to consider connecting.  Because even a solitary likes to be with others every once in a blue moon….or on the blue moon.

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