It’s officially Spring.  Today is the Spring Equinox which is the day when the amount of daylight is exactly the same as the amount of darkness.  It’s the turning of the tide where things will now become more light filled, colors will spring forth and soon there will be procreation and an explosion of cute baby animals everywhere.  Little lambs and ducklings, cameras watching local hawks and eagles hatch their young, zoos showing off the most recent editions, it’s fun and wondrous.

But to have all that explosion of new we must be reminded to keep our balance.  Today is the day of total balance, light and dark, activity and rest, external action and internal reflection.  Today is the day we celebrate the coming of mild temperatures and the ability to move around freely outside, but we also look inside and start spring cleaning because things got just a bit funky over the fall and winter.  Time to turn it out, air it out, and make it livable again.

Today is the day we feel our spirits begin to lift and while we’re feeling energized, let’s keep it grounded and make sure we take care of old business so we can bring in the new.  It’s all about balance, baby!