In the past 100 years, as our world has moved closer to a new age, more and more people have begun to experience heightened awareness of the connectedness of all things, the earth, politics, and personal interactions.  More have felt a calling to seek out ways in which to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Many talented people have found that they can reach the Akashics and ‘read’ the information there in order to help others, the most renowned of which being Edgar Cayce.   Hundreds have become readers and have helped thousands to learn more about themselves and how to be their best and highest selves.

Now in the Twenty-First Century the Akashics are no longer for the few, but are open to everyone who seeks to find the answers to their questions and to act on what they find.  In fact, what most people don’t know is that they have always been open to everyone.  Every living human being accesses the Akashics naturally while they are sleeping.  Those dreams that seem just a bit more real and coherent than the others, where you are talking to someone you know but don’t recognize their face, that’s the Akashics.  You were there.  That dream where you are your happiest in that special place where the world is perfect?  That’s you in the Akashics.  That dream where you wake up having figured out the answer to that nagging question magically out of now where?  Yep, that’s the Akashics too.  You’re a natural.  You’re in.