Kathy Karlander has some great advice for those just starting to work with the Akashic Records in her book Discovering the Essence of Your Soul.

“Allow the information to flow into your thoughts without judgement or censoring.  This is often the most challenging part for new students.  There is definitely an element of trust that goes along with intuition.  Intuition is now always logical, although it can be at times.  It is fairly typical for new students to question whether the thoughts, feelings, images, or ideas they are receiving are really coming from some Divine source, or if they are just ‘making it up.’

In the beginning, it can be helpful to give yourself permission to approach this intuitive process with a playful attitude, an experimental attitude, that way you are not worried about being right or wrong.  You can simply allow the information to flow.  You can voice whatever comes to mind, even if you think you are just making it up because it is just a game, something playful, not serious business.”