Working in the Akashics isn’t so much ‘how do I get there?’ as it is about ‘what do I do with what I find there?’  And for that you need to have an open mind.  Easier said than done and more of a balancing act that one might imagine.

I liken this to the Savasana शवासन or Corpse Pose in Yoga.  It looks like you’re just lying there.  And most of us in Western culture are so sleep deprived that within a few minutes of being in the pose we are nodding off to nap time.  And yet others can’t get their minds to settle and so wander off into what needs to happen with the rest of their day or day dreams of what could be or should be in their lives or whatever else is floating around in there.

But the pose is meant to be something directly in between those two things.  Having woken your body for 60 – 90 minutes through other poses and quieted your mind through that practice, which is a moving meditation, Savasana is meant to be the exact balance between these two states, perfect relaxation of woken body and woken mind.  So you hold your full attention on the body which is fully attending to its sense of being and well being.  And nothing else.

So with the Akashics as a practice.  No matter how you get there, the idea is to fully attend to being there without expectations.  That doesn’t mean letting go of everything you know in the world and tripping out to some psychedelic dream or listening to a voice that tells you that gravity will end shortly and you should glue all your change into your pockets.  Nor does it mean that you should set your heart on receiving some certain answer or some specific experience and refuse to allow or acknowledge anything else that occurs.

You need to have an open mind.  Which means having at your disposal all of your wisdom, your experience, your hopes and dreams, and your sense of adventure so that you are open to whatever happens.  And balancing that with critical thinking skills to interpret and learn from what you experience.  It’s that balance of being completely yourself and yet relinquishing control of the experience so that there can be two way communication.  When you achieve that you are able to open the book of your Soul and find what lies within.