The most exciting part of working with the Akashics, in my experience, is revealing new pieces of my own journey, new facets of myself that I have not yet explored, and receiving perspectives on the experiences I’ve had in my life that I never would have arrived at on my own.  Living the details day-to-day and making meaning that way can lead us in one direction.  Working in the Akashics with beings that are seeing the bigger picture, with soul books that see the over arching and underlying patterns, getting away from the distractions to focus on the essential all help to create a richer understanding of what life is all about.

Notice how I use all these active words?  Learning and becoming in the Akashics is not a passive thing.  It’s active and participatory and a choice and a challenge.  It’s somewhat like a ‘make your own adventure’ game where the choices you make lead you in one direction instead of another.  And where the short term goals are to learn facets of who you are.  And the long term challenge is to apply what you have learned in your physical life.

Most people, if they receive information from a medium, a card reader, Astrologer, guru or Akashic reader, try to fit that information into the life that they already have.  And if it doesn’t fit they throw it out or forget about it entirely.  And in some cases that might be valid.  Not all information you receive is accurate, not all of it makes sense in context, not all of it comes through in a way that we can use it.  That’s where critical thinking and gut checking things comes in handy.  But what if, instead of throwing this information out or trying to make it fit, we tried to apply it?  What if we meditated about it, seeing it as a means to become more of our potential?  What if we use it to inspire us?  What if we allowed it to challenge us to listen to our inner knowing, our inspiration, our fondest desires and greatest fears?  What if we let it lead us where we’re supposed to go?

The greatest challenge to living our best life might not be that we don’t know where to go or what to do.  It might just be that we stand in our own way keeping things status quo, mundane, and manageable.  When they could be magical…   So in the end, you are the challenge in your life. It’s up to you what type of challenge you want to be.