We are by nature social creatures.  We’re not meant to live in isolation.  But what does that actually mean in the 21st century?  Where being social can mean being online in a MMORPG or on a social networking site of which there are a massive variety?  Or on cell phones and smart phones?  Where being social can mean the mall or a table for two at the local pub?  Where organizations and groups and mashups have become the community which was once the neighborhood or the village?

And therefore being seen takes on a different quality entirely.  The multifaceted nature of being a human being develops new facets when we think of online presence.  Local, professional, personal, casual personas get online personas and avatars added to their ranks.  Just more roles that we inhabit in order to be socially connected in the world.  And if you think you don’t live out roles in your daily life then think about this:  authenticity in public figures such as politicians/reporters/actors wouldn’t be such a surprise and so suspicious if it weren’t uncommon and authenticity for people in general wouldn’t be a goal and a rallying cry if it were common place.

Positive VisualizationSo how do we make ourselves known, how can we be seen in all this social activity when we are maneuvering between roles and lives both offline and on?  Start by seeing yourself.  Take a moment away from all the doing, all the have to’s and running to get from one thing to the next.  And start seeing who you are both in your body and in your identity.  Not with the critical eye for how you aren’t who you want to be and how you could be better.  That’s not really looking, that’s a marketing manager tsk-tsking over the raw material they had hoped would have more to it.  Leave the critical, problem solving left-brain out of it and really look at yourself.  See all of the good features, the positive things, the stuff that we discount because we can’t focus on what’s working when we are focusing on what’s broke.  Look at the things you do well and don’t judge them for their ‘value’.  Look at the things you do everyday that make the world a better place.

Then look at your perspective on the world and how you wield it.  New concept?  You aren’t an island, remember? Your perspective on the world leads you to act and your actions become part of the world around you.  You aren’t impotent and just flailing along in life, you’re an amazing creator of positive things in life.  Look at what you do each day.  From smiling at your neighbor, providing positive living space for your family, trying each day to be a bit better which means you are a role model for others, putting out positive things into the world to share with others.  The list is endless.  And you are limitless.

So for today, be seen.  Be seen by the one person that matters the most, You!