In the Akashics there are any number of ways to discover things about yourself and your life only one of which is reading from your Soul Book.  In my online class Find Your Soul Purpose Through The Akashics I teach a number of them including meeting your animal guide, going to a place which is specifically for you, and finding an item which is yours and holds significance for you.  Sometimes people recognize that significance right away, other times it takes reflection and research. Sometimes the message is to go and find that item in the physical, sometimes students are able to manifest that item by pulling it to them directly from the Akashics into the real.

But there are many other meditations and practices one can do in the Akashics to discover more about the self.  For instance, each of us consists of and interacts with the four elements on a daily basis.  Anyone who has ever been to the Hawaiian islands will have noticed this. All the elements are active and interactive there in a way that has had no human intervention.  The ocean and the wind intermingle with the earth of the islands which is constantly being reformed and recreated through volcanic fire.  It’s rare to have all four interacting at the same time in such a fundamental manner and it heightens the senses to such a degree that some sensitives simply can’t remain there for any length of time.  And because being there is being in all four elements in their active state somewhat like being fully immersed in a healing.  Anything that is out of balance, it brings to the surface and attempts to heal it, which can be somewhat dramatic and not necessarily in a miraculous way!

castastone.comWe can work consciously with the Akashics to learn more about the elements and what they mean for us and how we work with them.  There are several ways that this can be done depending on what interests you and how you work with the elements already.  Remembering that how we ask the question, how we set up the boundaries of the meditation, guides the answers and the experience, we can choose to work with the symbols of the elements (rock/crystal/pentacle – sword/incense/feather – rod/candle/oil – chalice/clear bowl/wet cloth) or with the elements themselves (dirt – breeze – flame – stream) or with the concept of them (earth – air – fire – water).  Holding any of these images or concepts in mind while going to the Akashics with the intention of discovering what they mean to the person will bring a plethora of information.  That information can come in an experience such as feeling oneself actually interacting with them and with other beings in the Akashics.  It can be symbolic pictures mean to be reflected on.  It can be movies played out for further research.  It can be messages provided by beings there specifically for that person.

Try working with the Akashics in this way and you will discover whole new facets of your self, your soul, that you did not realize existed.  It will change the way you see and feel the world around you.