Now in the Twenty-First Century the Akashics are no longer for the few, but are open to everyone who seeks to find the answers to their questions and to act on what they find.  In fact, what most people don’t know is that they have always been open to everyone.  Every living human being accesses the Akashics naturally while they are sleeping.  Those dreams that seem just a bit more real and coherent than the others, where you are talking to someone you know but don’t recognize their face, that’s the Akashics.  You were there.  That dream where you are your happiest in that special place where the world is perfect?  That’s you in the Akashics.  That dream where you wake up having figured out the answer to that nagging question magically out of now where?  Yep, that’s the Akashics too.  You’re a natural.  You’re in.

This is in part because of your soul.  Many people have taken in the message that our souls are some mystical ‘thing’ that is important but separate from our physical selves and daily lives, when the reality is quite different.  Our souls give us life and make us unique. Our bodies, our emotions, our intellect are all manifestations of our soul in relationship with the world around us and all other things.  We are in an ongoing conversation with ‘all that is’ and this is reflected in how we live in the world.  However, souls are not small things that hover in our chests or hide at the base of our skulls or live in a nebulous cloud throughout our bodies.  Each individual soul is very large and only a small portion of each soul resides in a person.  The remainder of the soul remains on the spiritual plane that includes the Akashics.

Imagine if you will a rubber band being stretched in your hands.  One part is in your left hand and the other is in your right. If you look at only one hand you could perceive that the rubber band resides only there.  But if you look at both you can see that it is all connected and if you move your hands closer together the rubber band relaxes and you are able to easily see that it is one thing.  Souls are much like this.  When you are in conscious connection with the Akashics your soul moves toward wholeness and you are able receive the benefits of that which can and do include wisdom, healing, empowerment, and knowledge, among others.

There are a multitude of experiences that one can have in the Akashics, too many to number here.  The purpose of this class is specifically for you to learn how to access the Akashics in order to read your own Soul book. You will also meet your own guides or those guides who wish to work with you during this process. Reading your Soul book will give you the ability to learn why you are here, what the meaning of your life has been so far, what challenges you are here to work through, what expectations you have for yourself, what are your gifts and abilities, what you are to learn, and who you wanted to become.  Among many, many other things!  As many questions as you can imagine, there are responses and support in your Soul book.

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