So many of us hide what we are.  We can feel as if being big, being our true and magnificent selves is too much.  We won’t fit in, we’re too egotistical, we’re being selfish, etc, etc.  Sometimes we hide for practical or professional reasons.  But at some point in our lives, it will be time to be seen.

Just like keeping up defenses, the practice of hiding keeps everything from seeing us, the good as well as the not so good.  Peace is a wonderful thing and solitude is nourishing, but if it keeps you from community, if it keeps you from healthy connectivity and interdependence, then too much of a good thing is too much.

Be seen in this world for who you are.  You are unique and a blessing to all those around you.  You are part of the tapestry that is this Universe and deserve the credit for keeping up your part of the symphony that is this life.  And, to be honest, we deserve to meet you and know, even for just a moment, how wonderful you are.