Making art is one way in which we discover a part of our secret selves.  To create something requires us to move past logic and masks and rules and social structures into our true selves.  It allows us to speak with our inner being in a language that is wholly our own.

Whether it is through music, painting, glass, sculpture, gardening, dance, jewelry, costuming, drawing, film, photography, poetry, prose or any other type of artistic creative process, we tap into the part of ourselves which is timeless and interconnected with the Universe in the eternal now of beingness and express who we truly are in that moment.  Creating art allows us to let all the outside drop away for a moment and let’s our connection to the sacred come to the for and create another piece of the conversation between ourselves and all that is.

Take a moment to arrange some flowers in a beautiful vase, or find a small table or shelf or windowsill where those little things with no value which you love and keep with you can live and be together.  Arrange them so they speak to you and the beauty will shine through.  Art is not just beautiful, it’s lovely.  It’s something loved that shines with your touch, with your heart, with the sacred.