Teachers of Reiki have a rule, they don’t offer reduced rates or coupons or ‘special deals’ because you get what you pay for.  What you offer in recompense (money/service/trade) shows how much you value the thing you are receiving.  And most teachers are not into teaching students who act as if their eduction is a cheap nicknack from a tourist shack.  And alot of people out there think that Reiki should be given away for free.  That it’s like air and everyone has a right to it.  Like it’s a commodity.  Just because it took the teacher time, effort, and ongoing practice to learn the skill and even more of all of that to learn how to be an effective teacher, just because their time and effort and skills are valuable, doesn’t seem to mean anything. Just give me the immediate gratification and your reward is the act of doing this for me.  Hopefully they can live on the air they have received in respect for the service they have provided.

Artists get the same treatment, for some reason.  They put effort into perfecting their craft, they put themselves into what they have created, and then put that out into the public and get alot of …..well…nothing or commentary that is less than flattering or offers of next to nothing because ‘that’s what its worth.’  Which is telling them that all their effort and skill and imagination and heart is worth “that”.  I’m sure most of them say ‘thanks’ with a grim smile and think evil things with their inner voice.

What I don’t get about that attitude is “Why?” I wouldn’t think to goto a doctor’s office and ask them to give me their learned opinion and then not pay them or tip them 10 bucks.  I wouldn’t expect to work with any skilled professional out there, whether it’s the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker, and not pay them or barter with them something that is equitable.  The same with an artist or a massage therapist, acupuncturist, Reiki therapist, etc, etc.  Just because they don’t have offices in the mall doesn’t mean they aren’t learned and skilled and valuable.  They should be recompensed for their efforts just like all the rest of us. And remember to tip your server.