Souls are much larger than any one body can contain.   It would be nearly impossible to fit all that we are into one body.  And our souls are so dense with knowledge about the Universe and who we are that it would make living our lives, learning our lessons, living our dreams nearly impossible.  So we leave portions of ourselves at home in the Akashics while the rest of us lives out the life we have chosen here.

And many times the lives we have chosen are structured to help us focus on skills or lessons that we need to learn, areas where we struggle, or that we have never experienced before.  And being human means that we wear masks, struggle with identity, constantly change, make mistakes, succeed and grow and become, 1 step forward/2 steps back, etc, etc.  So who we truly are, who are soul is, and who we present to ourselves and the rest of the world may be quite different from each other.

The gift and the bane of most psychic people is that they are able to see/sense/know who people really are.  They are aware of the soul that is in the body of the person they are interacting with.  And they are constantly thrown off when that person acts in a way, makes choices in a way, that isn’t in line with who that person is.  They are constantly tripped up by the truth, which isn’t that person’s reality.  Contradictory as that may sound.

In working with clients I always check first to see who my client is as a soul in this body before working with their Soul Book.  Their book contains a record of their entire soul and so knowing what mask they are wearing, what reality they are living as contrasted to the soul they carry with them and the entirety of their soul in their book helps me to help them.  Because readings many times reintegrates these three expressions of self, helps them see past the mask and the experience of the moment to contact who they really are and to integrate more of their entirety into their life now.  I’m continually amazed and blessed to see these events unfold. Each person is so unique and so special I continually learning about all that we can be and are.