Most of us spend a great deal of time keeping ‘shields up’.  Keeping out unwanted opinions, dodging unwanted behaviors, trying to fit in to situations which don’t fit us, and basically doing whatever it takes to get what we want and not being seen for who we are because that would prevent us from getting what we want.

But being that bound, that masked and distant from most if not all things, prevents everything from getting in, the good as well as the not so good.  And even if we were willing to open up to others, would there be room in our lives for them?  Is there space in there for another opinion?  Is there room for something new that we might not know we want yet?  Is there any white space available for something other than the daily, hourly, minutely barrage of our own thoughts and emotions and desires?

Being in the world wanting things but not doing anything about it and being heavily shielded so that nothing gets in…well…that’s a choice.  I don’t know that it brings happiness or even allows for much fun, although it does provide safety and it allows for self actualization and self-confidence.  Everyday you are confronted by the fact that you life never changes.  Congratulations.  However, if you would like to achieve your desires, would like to see something change, then open up.  Make space.  Be ‘new agey’ and clean out a closet.  Haven’t used that widget in a year, donate it.  Got stuff you’re going to ‘get to’ at some point, get to it now or let someone else get to it.  Open up your heart to the possibility that good can happen just as much as the not so good.  Try thinking that while holding your arms in the ‘give us a hug’ position and see how it feels in your body to be open.  Make space in your body for something new. Try standing a different way, taking a different route to work, attempt a new exercise….Open yourself to possibility physically, not just mentally.  Let your body know that you are truly committed to opening to possibilities and see what happens.  The universe abhors a vacuüm and you’ve probably seen your fair share of not so good events so the odds are in your favor that this time.