The second section of most soul books is a detailed account of each instance when an embodied life has ended and the soul reintegrates and returns to the Akashics.  Past life records do not include this information as it is not a part of the embodied experience.  People who help clients retrieve and relive past lives have at times been able to access this information and follow a soul through the reintegration process and back to the Akashics such as Michael Newton. But most follow the path of the past life to its conclusion at death and the soul’s release from physical form, finding the details of existence but leaving the reasons why and lessons learned a mystery.

The exit from the body and reintegration of spirit merits its own section as it is a process with great wisdom and accomplishment as the outcome. It is the piece of a lifetime most affected by free will. While births can be traumatic, ecstatic, and dramatic for all involved, they are highly scripted and managed events.  The soul has spent great care and effort to choose a life, work with teachers, guides, and peers to craft the lessons, challenges, and rewards within the life, made connections, contracts, and schedules with other souls, their own soul group, other soul groups, and charted out all the possibilities to be explored.  While free will plays a part even at the start of our lives, there are relatively few variables to contend with. Ending a life comes as the culmination of millions and millions of decisions and interactions with countless people, objects, and entities which influence us, even in a very short lifetime.  The exit plan may have been scripted or a surprise based on choices made by ourselves or others. What we experience at the end is unique to the individual and can impress on us an epitaph we carry as the meaning for that lifetime.  How we release from the life, how we take those experiences, who we have become and how we integrate that back into a full understanding of who we truly are is its own journey with its own beauty and majesty.