Souls are eternal and as much as love and betrayal can hurt and bullying can be deadly, they usually don’t leave scars on the soul.  We grow and become because of our experiences, both what we consider ‘bad’ and ‘good’, and we can learn much more at a faster rate from the ‘bad’, unfortunately.  Sand in an oyster is so irritating it makes a pearl to contain it.  Sometimes life is like that.

However, souls aren’t impervious to the effects of events in our lives.  If we aren’t fully experiencing our lives then we aren’t learning and growing and becoming.  But as with all activity, there is risk of harm.  You can get hurt just walking down the street or taking a shower.  In fact, the highest number of home injuries now occur in the bathroom, beating out the kitchen by a small margin.  So nowhere is safe and living an embodied life comes not only some assembly required, but without a safety net.

Souls can be damaged by prolonged violence or horrific acts such as torture or repeated rape.  Violent death occurs to every soul at some point if they choose to experience an embodied life and usually happens many times in a variety of manners, however this does not usually leave permanent damage on the soul, only lessons to work through either after the life has ended or through future lives.  Soul damage occurs through the inability for souls to leave a life that has become untenable or unsustainable such as life for a great majority of women in the Congo, survivors of the genocide in Darfur, victims of prolonged domestic violence or souls tortured to death after prolonged internment.

Souls traumatized in this manner must go through extensive healing in order to continue with their lives away from embodiment, at home in the Akashics.  Without healing they are unable to function and their pain and grief and anger radiate out from them like radioactivity.  Groups of healers bring them to a safe place where they can process what has happened in order to receive and live with the love that surrounds them.  Soul damage is most difficult to heal in that it prevents the soul from realizing that it is loved and it proceeds from and is made from love.

Soul damage is not a requirement of life, is not an experience that we seek out and is completely preventable.  The horrors that human beings inflict on each other are voluntary.  Let each of us in our own lives seek to help create a world where they do not exist and reach out a hand to help those who are experiencing them right now.