So if you were to dream big, what would that look like?  Would it be a new to you car?  A new car?  Would it be that new dress you have wanted for a while even through you have nowhere to wear it?  Would it be to travel somewhere you’ve never been for long enough that you can enjoy it?  Or would it be bigger?  Would it be to move somewhere you’ve always wanted to live?  Would it be to quit your job and find one doing something you don’t hate?  Would it be going back to school to learn how to do something you want to do and then getting a job doing that?  Would it be trying to do something new that you’ve never done before and have no idea whether you will do it well?

What is your big dream?  Big is relative to the dreamer and absolutely does not rely on anyone else for approval or permission.  All yourself to dream big.  Then do one thing that heads you towards that dream.  Just one small thing today.  Are you smiling when you do it?  Can you stop smiling?  I hope not.