We tend to talk and think in extremes.  Either we look at things as impossible and so limit the scope of whatever we might choose to make it ‘manageable’ and ‘see if anything comes of it’ or we know its impossible and so we think of the biggest, over the top variation of what we want (billions of dollars, mansions on floating islands in the sky) and limit ourselves that way by making what we want an absurdity.

But what if what we dreamed were possible.  What if what we wanted was something we could have? Could we think about it differently if that were true?  How would it feel to stop putting limits on our dreams that make them mouse or elephant size?

As a friend of mine said recently, ‘Don’t just visualize what you want, make it BIG.  Make it entirely possible, completely plausible AND make it big.’  Meaning don’t just think about getting a new job, think about getting the perfect job in the perfect setting, with the perfect people and the perfect salary and feel in your bones that it is true.  Once you’ve done that every action you take from here on will be towards that goal and you’ll make it real.  So don’t just dream, dream Big!