Everyone has trust issues.  We are taught from a very young age not to trust ourselves.  Parenting has become about scheduling, activities, ‘getting it right’ so that futures are bright, and having all the right things.  So many times I’ve seen babies so immersed in toys and objects that they cry just from the over stimulation and their inability to move in their environment.  I have also seen baby who spent ours of pure joy just crawling on and rolling around in a well mown yard. We are taught that things should make us happy and all other joy responses, over time, are negated.

We are taught to not trust what we know to be true in ourselves.  We are taught what to like and what not to like instead of being supported in learning what we like and learning to trust our own inner knowing.  What would your life be like if you found something you liked, mosaic tiling for example or discus throwing, and the people around you everyday responded to you as if that was interesting and that they wanted to know more or were interested in hearing about it?  Would you feel good about yourself?  Would you feel happy? Would you feel validated?

Check your trust issues for yourself.  Pick something you like and start talking to your friends and family about it casually. See how they react.  Are they supportive? Are they dismissive?  Are they reacting to the subject or to you liking something?  Trust yourself.  You know the difference.