One of the effects of any visit to the Akashics is that, most of the time, you will experience what is most relevant to you in that moment in time.  When we experience this in our normal lives we think of it as synchronicity or forces at work that are looking out for us and what we receive or experience is usually acting on us on one or two levels, mental and emotional, emotional and general well being, that kind of thing.  The Akashics looks at us as a whole person and so the experience is relevant starting from a deep soul level and then working outward through all aspects of our being.

The thing to note is that what is most relevant for us in any moment may not be the most pleasant or uplifting thing.  It might bring up our deepest fear in a way that we can look at it in the light and work to release it.  Or it might bring up an issue that we have put off for a very long time and urge us to engage with it.  Or it might cause us to release emotions that we didn’t realize we had stored like grief over the loss of a loved one or love for a beloved pet that is no longer here.

The experience might be confusing at first because, if we’ve been struggling with the issue or don’t realize it is an issue, we might not get what we’re being shown.  We might not realize that our fears are coloring our experience of things.  For example, when I first met one of my guides in the Akashics he seems fierce and very frightening and somewhat monstrous in a horror film kinda way.  But as time went on and I was reassured over and over by others that all was well, his appearance shifted and I realized that what I was looking at was a visual negative (like the negative of a picture before it is developed) which made him seem scary when he wasn’t at all.  He was very patient with me throughout and when I could see him clearly we were able to work well together.

Working in the Akashics brings to a head the things that are most important for us to work on, which are usually the most closely aligned with our identity, our soul, and our deepest needs and what we perceive as flaws.  The good thing about it is the Akashics is always trying to support us, help us, and heal us so it’s one of the best places to deal with it.