Romantic love is blind.  It’s weird and makes no sense.  It’s magical and alchemical.  Love allows us to surrender common sense and open ourselves to the improbable and miraculous.  It teaches us about ourselves, often in dramatic and painful ways, and we are the better for it in the end.

The bitter sweet side of romantic love is that its very finite.  Like endorphins it is wonderful while we’re in it, but it fades and allows us to come back to ourselves.  The madness doesn’t last and eventually we see ourselves and our beloved as they actually are.  If we’re lucky then true love has grown or remains after romantic love has run it’s course.  And while movies and novels and TV pursue romantic love for the drama and the ratings and the advertising dollar of it, portraying it in every variation they can imagine and some we never would, real life proves that actual love is the glowing thread that weaves us together through all the trials and tribulations of our becoming and theirs.

But what if all there is between us is romantic love?  What if the other would be ‘perfect’ if they would just……..   The minute we start trying to change the fundamental nature of the person we are in love with because it won’t work unless they change, that’s the moment when we know.  We know deep inside that we need to pick common sense back up and let it go.  People don’t change because we want or need them to, they change because they need and want to.  Love completes and sacrifices and desires, it doesn’t control and manipulate and demean.  If the one person in all the world that you love and that is meant for you is someone who can’t be with you, who won’t meet you half way, who makes excuses and puts things off and gives only scraps and tidbits, then it isn’t love.  It’s romantic love that needs to end.  Don’t wait because there’s nothing really there no matter how much attraction exists.

Let go, pick up your common sense, dust yourself off and keep going with your life.  You deserve the real thing.