While it seems normal to compare the early life of a soul to the early childhood of human beings and parallels can be drawn between a souls’ life and the human maturation process, the same cannot be said for the time when souls take on vocations or careers.  This process neither works like nor begins in the ways in which it does in human life today for the majority of cultures.  A career or vocation can be entered into when the soul desires to do so, providing they are capable to take on the challenge it affords.  There is no marked time period or set goal that connotes a soul having reached “adulthood”, needs to find work, “get a job” or go out to become a contributing member of society.  Souls do not procreate sexually or asexually and therefore there is neither a shift away from self-development to caretaking roles through biological necessity nor a required move away from family of origin as represented by the soul group.  The soul group remains intact and does not gain new membership.  There is no graduation from a set educational agenda, no need to work in order to supply basic life requirements and there are no such things as jobs in the Akashics.  No one survives doing a job they hate just to subsist; all tasks are taken on willingly by the souls who choose them. So let’s set aside the normal paradigms, assumptions and comparisons as we look at what is listed in the fourth section of soul books, the section concerning careers.

First, as I mentioned in Lesson 4, education in the Akashics never ends and teachers agree to work with their soul group for all of eternity. Not just because of all the education possible, but because there is no certainty that the soul group will need to or ever achieve a state of being that no longer requires supervision.  That kind of individual autonomy, unlike in human society, is not required nor expected.  It is simply one opportunity among millions that a soul may choose, but with free will anything is possible.  And careers or vocations are not a mandatory stage of maturation or evolution. Each soul may choose them in their own time frame.  So for the teacher, at any given time a mixture of the soul group’s members could be in service while the remainder is not.

The accepting of a vocation or career can be presented in a myriad of ways depending on the soul, the teacher, and the situation.  A career or a vocation is a call to service.  It is an opportunity for the soul to use their gift, skills, and knowledge in an effort to help another soul(s) to achieve something.  It is a task taken on not for reward or gain, but the satisfaction of being in service to others, the pleasure of the task itself and for the betterment of all. Careers in the Akashics are not all consuming as they can be for embodied people.  Sacrificing the self for another or using a vocation to avoid social interactions or learning experiences is actively discouraged as it does violence to the one in service and causes negative repercussions for the soul group, the teacher, their guides, and those being served.  As all is love, careers are balanced with personal needs and growth, the needs of the soul group, and of others within the social sphere of the soul.

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