There are times when we wonder who we can depend on in a given situation.  If we need a certain someone to do a certain something, can we depend on them to do it?  Even if they say they will?  If we go through the hoops that a company or organization says we need to, will they follow through and do what they have agreed to do or what they say they will in their PR?  Do we have anyone in our life we can depend on just to be there? Sometimes the world feels like a lonely place.

We should be able to depend on ourselves, but here’s the rub.  Many of us are dependable in a negative way.  We feel we can be depended on to screw up, to give in to fear, to do exactly the wrong thing, to never quite fit in, to not be smart enough, fast enough, good looking enough to do what we need to get done.  Which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because if that’s what we believe, then we act on those beliefs.  We either do those things or we avoid situations where we might do them.  And so we never even try to find out if what we believe is wrong.

So let today be the day when you become your best advocate and the one person you know you can depend on when all else fails.  You don’t need to be a superhero, just someone you can depend on to try their best.  You don’t have to be ‘successful’ just available to laugh at the small stuff and to remind you that it’s all small stuff.  You don’t need to be a super model, just the best cheerleader out their for your home team, which is you.  You can look in the mirror and see someone who sets good boundaries, chooses to act authentically, love honestly, and seek out your dreams.  And each time you act that way you can depend on yourself to say “great job”.    With that kind of support, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes or setbacks you have in life, because you will already have succeeded in life.