There is so much focus on the Akashic Library and on Akashic records that people usually have no idea that there are other places in the Akashics to explore.  Most people who even know that the Akashics exist are looking for answers about themselves, about situations, about things that they want.  They want answers to what matters most to them, what is holding them back or keeping them from sleeping at night. Or they just want to know if Bobby or Sally is their soul mate.  Admit it, we’ve all been there.  🙂

Explore the Akashics

Cherry Tree Swing, Japan

But there are so many other ways to explore who you are, to learn from the Akashics.  Soul books and Akashic records are a left brain, logical, directed way in which to learn about yourself.  Great for information, not so much for holistic learning or becoming.  For that you have to wander farther afield.  I find myself smiling when I listen to my peers talk about their favorite places to go in the Akashics when they are doing their own personal work.  One goes to a huge tree swing and just swings like she’s a little kid again. All the worries and the stress and the ‘have-to’s’ drop away and she’s free and flying in her perfect place.  Others go to what I call the dolphin room.  It’s a building in the Akashic city that is made of white stone pillars and an arched ceiling.  In between the pillars it’s all clear glass windows floor to ceiling and the rooms are 3 stories tall.  The dolphin room has no furniture, but in the floor are multiple pools, like swimming pools.  The water is clear and blue and always in movement because the pools are connected to water ways and influenced by the tides and by those creatures who swim in them.  Dolphins are able to visit the city through these waterways and come into the room to interact with other beings.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful and fun to go swimming during the heat of the day.

I personally enjoy going to the fields of opportunity.  Each area is a different plant and I like to wander through them smelling the scents on the breeze, feeling the tips of wheat or the petals of poppies against my palms as I walk.  There is a garden maze with a great many surprises in it, the lake where people congregate to enjoy the water and the sun, and the primeval forest full of the breath of trees and the silence that is not silent.

Experiencing these places is one way to learn about yourself, but even more, being open to explore them calls teachers, guides and the learned to talk with you, support you, and guide you in that experience.  Because our becoming benefits everyone and who doesn’t want to share in having fun.