Life is to be lived and if you’re not enjoying it you’re doing it wrong…or something.  Yes, life is short and each day we should have at least one thing that makes us smile just because, more if we can get them.  No reason to wait until some mythical later because later never really comes and then we arrive at too late and wonder what happened and what we could have done better.

In fact, this is the annual moment when we evaluate whether it’s later or too late and what we should do about that.  We look back at the year behind and calculate all of all regrets, our unfulfilled wishes, our successes and joys, our pains and losses, and start looking towards the year ahead and what we can do with all that unsullied possibility.  In the next few days lofty goals will be declared, resolutions will be made, promises will pop into the air like champagne corks all in good fun and with a sense of joy and reprieve.  It’s not yet too late, there’s another chance.

So the question is, will we take it?  Will we celebrate life by living it?  Will we choose to do things differently this year so our life is a celebration of who we truly are and are meant to be, but another round of 99 bottles of the same on the wall…99 bottles of the same…you take one down… In this time of celebration for the new year, choose what it is you’re truly celebrating.