Yes you do.  Recently my clients have been saying that they don’t know what direction their life should go because they don’t know what they want out of life.  Then they proceed to tell me exactly what they want in life.  :/  The disconnect seems to be that they aren’t seeing these two things as the same.  They are looking for some ideal goal to reach for, some career that will magically transform them into a happy and productive person like “other people” and that will mystically make everything in their life exactly the same as it is right now only happy and fulfilling and perfect.

Surprisingly they haven’t been able to find that thing and they draw a blank when they attempt to discover what it might be.  Unfortunately or fortunately I’m not able to help there.  What I am able to do is to point out that they actually do know what they want and it’s what they are looking for that’s the problem.  If they give up the snipe hunt of searching for this mystical path they will see that happiness lies in doing what makes them happy and careers are built from that.  Basically they are looking at things backwards.  They want to find a career or goal or project that will make them happy when they should be making themselves happy in order to create a career or goal or project.  The real gotcha of that is there is absolutely no way to get and be and do the things that make them happy without there being change in them and those around them.  In order for us to change our circumstances from not so good into good or great, there must be change.  Not just change inside us, but real change inside and outside, thoughts and actions.

So when we’re looking ahead to 2015 with all that luscious potential available for us to make anything we want, think about what you really want.  You know what it is.  You probably have many things you want to be and do.  The question is, are you willing to act on that knowing and let the changes unfold?