What if the world is not what you think it is?  What if your brain, which is a meaning making machine, has created meaning where none exists or put together facts to make meaning where the facts don’t fit together?  What if what you assume isn’t true?  What would your life look like then?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to wind back to when we were children and we assumed nothing at all?  To live in the wonder of a child just discovering life?  Figuring out texture and sensation and deciding what was good by what made us feel happy?  It’s possible, we just need to get out of the left side of our head.

Try it today.  Every time you have a thought about things such as “that never works for me” or “I can’t because” or “I really need xxxxx and so I have to do yyyyy” challenge yourself to see things completely differently.  Take a piece of paper, right in the moment (unless you’re driving.  Don’t try to write while driving. Keep your hands at 2 and 10 please…) and write down exactly the opposite of what you thought.  Because that is just as true as the thought you just had.  ‘That never works’ becomes ‘that sometimes works’.  ‘I can’t because’ becomes ‘I can because’.  ‘I really need xxxx’ becomes ‘I don’t need xxxxx’   And so on and so on.  Make those statements and see how life changes for you in this moment.

What does your life become when you challenge your brain to get out of the way and see things differently?  Who are you when you become free?