What habits do you have that set the structure for your life?  Do you over think things?  Do you leap before you look?  Do you just wander letting life set your course for you?  Do you try to force life into the course you want it to have?  Do you constantly want things that don’t happen?  Do you seek immediate results and so never try for things long-term?  Do you ignore the short-term pleasures in life trying to reach that ultimate goal?  Does your life seem to fill up before you think or do anything that has any relevance to anything at all?

Today, choose to do something differently.  Shake it up.  Challenge yourself to do something a different way.  Don’t worry about what needs to get done or what other people will think, just do something that you’ve always wanted to do.  Or think about something and what people will think if you do it and see if that changes what you were going to do or how you were going to do it.  Do something that you enjoy that creates new beauty in the world instead of just doing something to be doing something.  Or stop doing and just stand there because doing is all you ever do.  Say no when you always say yes.  Say yes to things where you always tell them no.

Do something the opposite way you have ‘always’ done it and see what happens.  The prisons we live in many times are just thoughts in our heads that are only real to us….