Snake movingLast year’s work with Dragon has shaken things up, spit you out into  new places, broken you out of old patterns and left you wondering what  happened.  Some things were good, some things were painful, and no  matter what the sum of it all is, it was all drastic and sudden and  just a bit chaotic.  But you got through it and it’s left you with a  lot of potential for creating a wonderful 2013.

Here’s the deal, though.  Things don’t just happen around you or to  you, they also happen within you.  Where last year was really about  the world around you and how you navigate within it, this year will  take all of that change and work with you from the inside out to  change you to fit your new circumstances.  Snake is all about  transformation and black snake, water snake in Chinese Astrology, is  all about the internal journey.  Going within, using your new-found  knowledge and skills to see yourself in a new way and become an  entirely new person, then emerging transformed.  Shedding the old skin  and coming forth with a shiny new one.  Seeing things in a new way  with, literally, new eyes.

On the macro level last year’s Dragon energy was the external world,  our journey in changing who we are and having adventures that  challenge our view of ourselves, asking us to take on our dreams and  desires and make them reality. This year is the year when we move  inward and transform who we thought we were into who we have become  and what we can truly be.  And on the middle ground we will be moved  back and forth between these on a monthly basis as Snake winds through  the moon cycles helping us to adjust or forcing us to deal with all  that this entails in digestible portions. On the micro scale it is up  to us to choose whether we will aid this process on a daily basis by  being in tune and on board with the changes that are occurring or  whether we will struggle to try to keep the status quo and our own  perceptions of what should be in the face of what is being presented  to us.  Either way, the journey will always continue.