There is a difference between “It’s not time yet” and spiritual timing and mostly it’s in perspective.  “It’s not time yet” is usually a sentiment that implies the person is waiting to receive something: an opportunity, an object, a relationship, a sign.  The person is referred to as passive, whether they want to be passive or not, and not empowered or interactive with what is going on.  The implication is that they can’t know what is going on, have to wait and see, and there’s nothing they can do to interact in this situation.

Sometimes that’s the case, nothing is absolute, but more often the situation is about spiritual timing which is about fully participatory co-creation.  Life is a class participation, full body contact sport.  The results are much better if we’re co-creating our world in each day rather than waiting for it to arrive in some fashion.  This doesn’t mean that we’re fully in charge and can magically think things into being.  It’s about participating in the world just as we would in a relationship by being authentic, speaking up clearly for ourselves and what we need and want, being available to the other person(s) and making our actions “both/and” therefore creating a ‘we’ out of you and me.  Life is about seeing the world around us as being in relationship with us and vice versa.

So spiritual timing is about asking the world around us (through our actions, through our intention, through our energy and knowingness, through actual speech) for what we want, how we want it, and being available to do our part to actualize that.  I say be available because, just as in a relationship, it’s not all about us so we need to be flexible and work with the world around us to make it happen.  And that’s where the magic occurs because our imaginations are amazingly limited compared to what is possible or even probable.  So putting it out there means listening to the response and being patient for the response to come together.  Spiritual timing is about being clear when we say Marco and waiting to hear Polo and then saying Marco again.  That’s how we co-create our world.  Waiting is part of that and the timing may not be what we ask for or what we think we need in the moment, but we’re all doing the best we can and co-creation timeframes are rarely exact units of measure.