At some point you have to commit.  It doesn’t matter about the signs, about the approval of authority figures, permission from spiritual beings, the stars alignment or what your family thinks.  Too many times all these things are in agreement that we should do the thing we want most in the world and yet nothing happens.  Because nothing happens unless we commit.  It doesn’t matter how much support we have, how many messages we receive, or how many opportunities land at our feet, until we commit nothing happens.

Notice that I’m not saying commit to an action, an action plan, a project, a dream, or a practice.  Those are the external actions. Yes, we need to take them and yes, we need to follow through on them.  Like a good swing at the bat, a kick of the soccer ball or a golf swing, it’s the follow through that actually gets you there.  If you choke up, begin the stopping process before you’ve even connected with the ball, you’ve already failed.  However, the commitment happens long before the action.  The commitment happens when you choose to go practice rather than watch TV.

The commitment happens when you think of who you are, a person who does an activity or a person who watches TV.  The commitment happens when you move your identity from someone who wishes they were “x” to someone who is “x” even if that means they are just at the very beginning of becoming “x.”  Once you’re committed then actions start unfolding.  Wavering, backsliding, avoidance happen and they stem from inside when we start reconsidering.  When we’re backing away from our commitment.  This is not to say that we can’t change our mind about the actions associated with it.  The plan, the project, the action, the long-term path may change a thousand times.  We can’t possibly know exactly how to do something when we’re just getting started.  That’s part of the journey, learning on the job.  But we know when changing the action is backing up or turning back.

The universe is waiting for you to get started doing what you’ve been praying about.  Everything is set up and waiting.  Now, it’s up to you to commit.  Is today that day?