Everything is interconnected.  Practitioners of Chinese medicine and holistic healing have known this for millennia.  Native American healers have work with these principles today to help people understand that the symptoms can only be cured when you find the actual issue and work to cure that.  Otherwise you are trying to hold back the surf with your hands.

However, our experience in our bodies is that we are all discreet entities, islands separated, and we touch each other’s lives by choice and everything is a determined action.  Hence Mothers say “why are you doing this to me” and their children’s response is “Huh?”  Because somehow, somewhere we lose the sense that everything is connected and we give all the power to our own decision-making process.  Which causes all kinds of hilarity and mayhem which is why sitcoms are so amazingly funny.  They show people who are actually interconnected think about things from a disconnected/individual reality and therefore from the perspective that everything around them is about them or directed at them, and therefore misunderstand most everything and hilarity ensues.  Luckily in sitcoms there are no real negative repercussions to anything and everything is all right or better at the end of the episode.  We need that once in a while.

But everything is interconnected.  Or perhaps its better to say that everything is interwoven.  What we do touches on so many different things and therefore changes and informs them.  Just riding the bus changes what could have been for you and for everyone else on the bus just by the fact that you exist on that bus.  In the tapestry of the Universe what you do matters and who you are matters and how you live in your body every day matters.  Not just to the people your are around day-to-day, but to those you meet once or see vaguely or who hear about you from someone else. It’s all connected.  No need to do anything special, just be who you really are.  And if there are those around you who hold you back, walk away because being good to yourself helps all of us too.