We are the most creative beings ever.  We create alternate worlds in our own minds where things happen, people interact, and the world turns completely differently from our experience in our bodies.  Which is an amazing tool for spinning dreams and creating goals, for surviving terrifying and abusive or even deadly situations, and for making the most boring situation just a little bit brighter.  Let alone for allowing thousands of people to do public speaking gigs by letting them perceive everyone in their under wear.  However, this ability has a dark side and it is used all too often.

We also use this ability to play out situations that make us anxious, that frustrate us, that make us angry as sin, that make us sad, that make us afraid.  And while the good stuff is better and makes us feel good, we more often play out the bad stuff, over and over and over and over until we convince ourselves that it’s the reality and not what we are perceiving in our bodies and in our lived experience.  The voices in our head that say we aren’t good enough, that say we shouldn’t be happy because we don’t deserve it, that say this confrontation is going to be apocalyptic and cause WWIII in your life, these voices are loud and strong and can bend reality to make these things become true.

Because you are what you think and what you think can become reality if you act in accordance to what you think.  If you truly think  you aren’t good enough, you will act that way and people will respond accordingly.  Princes rarely come to rescue maidens anymore, just FYI.  That’s why we have Disney movies.  If you think that the conversation will go badly, you’ll work in that direction when you have it or you’ll have so much anxiety when you get there that you can’t have it at all.  If you believe you’re not worthy and will never be happy, then you will never take any actions or accept anything offered proves the opposite is true.  You will actively screen out opportunities that prove you wrong.

And in most cases, your fear of what will happen, the voice in your head, is wrong.  Your fear and the emotions you put yourself through are much worse than anything that the Universe can or would cook up for you.  You are an amazingly creative being and if you create horror stories for yourself in your head, they will play out.  So stop creating fear, negativity and worthlessness.  Start removing the barriers to happiness by allowing yourself to dream that you can have it.  Better yet, that you do have it. Feel it in your mind and your body will create it.  And in the meantime you will have your dreams and a mysterious smile on your face that people will want to know about.  🙂