The Akashics provides unique means of continuing in depth spiritual studies.  If you are interested in or currently studying Tarot, I-Ching, Runes, Kabbalah, Theosophy, the Medicine Wheel, or any other spiritual path or practice, you can find personal instruction in the Akashics.  There are three main ways to do so: read about it in the Akashic Library, ask for a Mentor in the subject, or work directly with the material.

For each subject there is a book(s) in the Akashic library which you can access.   I say access because it’s not exactly ‘reading’ unless you think of reading somewhat as a virtual reality experience.  For those who are adept at reading books in the Library you can read them straight through or study them through advanced techniques. For those who have less practice at working with books there you can ask a Librarian for help or simple open the book and see what information you get.  You’ll take in what you need and it will be presented in a way that you can access the information, although this method can lend itself to more cryptic answers which take time to decipher.

There are also a plethora of beings that not only know the subject matter but that are willing to work with us embodied beings in order to further our paths and our spiritual practice.  Once in the Akashics you can ask for a Mentor that will work with you on a specific issue or on the topic in general.  You can ask to work with them like an apprentice or to be able to check in with them for specific questions as they arise.  The possibilities are endless.  Keep in mind that they are beings just like us, with their own lives, their own perspectives, and their own responsibilities beyond working with us in just the same way that a mentor here in the physical world would.  Ask respectfully, have good boundaries, and remember that you are entering into a relationship.  If you do you’ll be miles ahead of the game and get so much more out of the process.

The third methodology is to work direction with the material.  By that I mean going to that place in the Akashics where the material resides.  For example, journeying into that place in the Akashics which is the Temperance card from the Tarot.  Like Alice in Wonderland falling into a picture, you will arrive in that place and be able to experience the meaning of the card personally and directly.  You will feel the balance, the dichotomies, the blending of polar opposites held in dynamic tension, and so much more.  The same can be done for each aspect of a particular spirituality.  Want to learn about elements? You can lean from them directly.  Interested in the four directions?  You can go there and discover more yourself.

The Akashics is an amazing place not only to learn about yourself, but to learn about the world around you.  What do you want to learn today?