Modern culture and its educational systems have enforced the concept that learning comes from being told.  And that telling is direct and to the point.  Therefore anything can be learned through reading text books, watching instructional videos, and, like in science, everything builds on the thing before it.  So you don’t have to have worked with the concepts that came before to use the one that is occurring now.  We even joke about this by pointing to the person who is trying to put together some object without reading the instructions first.  Because learning comes from instructions, then practical application follows.  It’s the industrial revolutions concept of creation.

The counter perspective is art and the artisanal concept of things made by hand, which come from creativity and learning that is hands on.  Such creativity comes with trial and error as well as apprenticeship.  It’s about logical processes that work with nature so instead of having perfectly straight lines there are curves which collect potential energy, patterns that wake the soul and speak of our integral nature, which pique our interest or promote harmony.

Working with the Akashics can be difficult for us to adjust to at first.  We can feel awkward because the rules that we are accustomed to don’t seem to work or don’t apply.  Our brains are trained to want to know why, to seek out the meaning in easy answers and sound bites, to feel that we understand what is going on.  We are uncomfortable with not knowing.  We are concerned by and struggle with processes that take more than a few steps without providing clarity.  Our patience has atrophied and our notion of learning has turned to demanding.  So as students our first lesson is often to suspend the need to know and instead open ourselves to experience.  Because the conversation unfolds, not in bullet point items on an agenda, but through integrated story telling like listening to the bards of old.  It requires us to be patient and to pay attention, truly attend to all that is going on.  To stop focusing on the details and open ourselves up to see the whole as well as the parts.  It asks us to just be.

And yet we are not passive receptors.  We not only a vessel to be filled, our brains and empty bowl to have knowledge poured in.  We therefore are called to actively participate in the Akashics.  This is why I call interactions there a conversation.  It’s neither a monologue being given by the person journeying there nor a lecture being offered by teachers or guides.  It’s a give and take, a conversation between equals trying to share information, experience, and wisdom in order to become more of our potential.  And just like in any conversation we need to listen as well as speak.  We need to withhold the need to know and let the storytelling unfold.  And once the telling is done, then it’s time for questions.