Sometimes manifesting your best life is exactly the wrong thing to do.  *gasp*  I know.  Heresy.  I’ll wait for you to calm yourself.  Breath….again….ready?  Sometimes the best thing we can do is get out of own way.  This is not to say we should just sit down and wait for our best life to come and find us, but that we should stop telling our best life what it should look like and how it should act and when it should show up.  Remember how if feels when you get treated that way?  Feel encouraged or do you just want to cut off your nose to spite their face?

For those who have spent their whole life trying to survive things, control means safety, preplanning is survival, and knowing exactly what’s ahead and how to act accordingly is what keeps them from curling up in the fetal position each day.  Well and good.  But rarely is anyone’s best life going to look like the diagrams from the “Abuse Survivors Handbook For Living.”  Our best life is going to challenge us to let go of what no longer serves us like the need to find love in sex, the hunted feeling of the abuse victim, and/or the PTSI that we gained from violence.  It’s going to ask us not only to do things differently, but to see things differently.  It’s going to try to get us to look at what’s ahead of us, not as a series of challenges to be survived, but a day-to-day thriving that turns in the unfolding of a beautiful lived in life.

Instead of trying to manifest the best life we think we should have, why don’t we cooperate with our best life and allow it to show us what it can be, what we can be?  Those random invitations, the opportunities that seem out of the blue, those thoughts that wiz through our head “what if?”…act on them.  Stop judging, trying to make them into something they’re not, and ignoring what they are and can be.  Calm down, step back, breath and let your best life meet you half way.  Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?