Take a moment and think about the life you could have if you had the ability to create it.  Would there be travel?  Would it have a different house?  Music?  Would there be dancing? Sports?  How about friends?  Solitude?  Community?  Conversation?  Is there art?  Spa settings?  Parkour?  What do your days look like?  Not what they should look like, but what they do look like?  There would be abundance to pay for it all and you would be manifesting that abundance with laughter and joy and ease, right?

Well, guess what?  You are creating your life each and every day.  Not in your attitude, but in every choice, in ever action, in every inaction, in every refusal to choose…You are creating your life.  You may have built it from the leftovers your family handed you.  You may have framed it up with the expectations of others and our culture.  You may have furnished it with “this is as good as it gets” and painted it with “well that’s just the way it is.”  But it’s not.  This is your life.  You have carefully chosen what materials to use and refused others, have put things together with intention and with negligence, you have patched things and cobbled things and remodelled and refurbished and what you have now is the result.

Does your current life look like the life you would create?  If not, why not?  There are no excuses, only choices.  If African American ex-slaves could teach themselves to read and write, could write books, buy land, become farmers and educators and politicians in their own lifetime, if refugees from other countries can come and learn new languages and new cultures so as to make new homes and lives for themselves, then think for a moment about the foundations you’ve built your current life on.  If this is what you choose, then great.  If not, then it might be time to start making different choices.  It’s not all or nothing. You didn’t build this life over night.  You’re not going to build a new one tomorrow.  But you can start looking at the structure around you and make plans for what can stay, what needs to go, and what can be repurposed.

You’re creating your own life right now.  How exciting is that?!!!