cocktail_glass-wideHi Everyone.  I’d like to introduce someone to you. Well, several someones.  You may know a few of these guys, but most of them you’ve never met before and it’s time we got this party started.  So here goes:  Everyone, I’d like you to meet your feelings.  Feelings, here’s everyone.

Beginnings are awkward and I know that for many of you this introduction is coming far later than was planned, but we can only deal with what’s in front of us.  Here some things to keep in mind:

1)  Feelings should be included in everything we do.  If we’re doing things that we have no feeling about and they are more than a very tiny percentage of our life, then things need to be revisited.

2)  Feelings don’t deal in shoulds or shouldn’ts.  They arrive when its appropriate, talk about what is relevant, then go when the time is right.  This often does not coördinate with the carefully choreographed and articulated plans coming out of the left brain command center.

3)  Feelings and the Brain are not enemies.  This is propaganda which has been successfully disseminated for generations.  Feelings and the Brain (sounds like a new reality TV show) when not being actively kept separate, work well together and can have a very succesful and nurturing relationship of equals.

4) Feelings come in every color of the rainbow, respond to attention and validation, react negatively to being ignored or actively repressed, and are a necessary component of embodied life.

5)  Feelings are one of the main reasons why souls choose to embody.  Nowhere can we experience feelings so directly, completely, and fully as we can in an embodied life.

So here’s the deal.  You’re here to mix and mingle, to get acquainted and reacquainted, and to start relationships that will enrich your lives.  Have a cocktail, take the pressure off, relax and enjoy.