There is comfort in knowing who we are, where we’re headed, and what the path ahead holds for us.  I’m all for it.  Well, with one caveat.  We can’t know what we don’t know so we can only know who were are in this moment and who we have been.  Seeing where we’re headed and who we will become as we travel along is somewhat like looking into the distance with one eye closed.  The picture seems completely clear, but in fact we’re missing a significant part of it, the depth perception.

Many times I’ll have clients ask me to read what their path is, where they are headed, what they are being called to and what they will be doing 5 years from now.  So I do and they immediately react with “that’s not me!”, “I’m not interested in that”, “I won’t ever do that in this lifetime because..” etc. etc. etc.  And yet that’s where they are headed.  Many times it’s not only clear in their book but Technicolor.  So why the reaction?  Because they aren’t there yet.

How many of us understood at 10 who we would be at 30?  How many of us from where we are right now have any idea who we will be when we’re 80?  We can’t know.  We’re here to grow and to learn and become and express into the universe and the one constant of that is change.  The blessing and amazing magic of it all is that the future is probably, but it’s not predetermined.  We are the author of our own destiny and we can see aspects of it, but if we believe we can truly know and understand what’s unfolding, then we haven’t yet realized there’s another eye we can open.  The key is to not try to know what’s ahead, but to live.  Be present now which is connected with the past and the future at the same time. Like a sailor, let the waves rock you, sway to keep your balance, and keep everything on an even keel.  Ride out the storm as necessary but keep heading towards the destination.  If you worry about the port you’re headed to you’ll wreck on the rocks in front of your nose.