People come to me and when I ask them about their background in spirituality or what their practice(s) is or their skills or interest what I sometimes get back is a laundry list of all the classes they’ve taken, the healings they’ve been through, and the people they’ve studied with.  To which I wonder, “Yeah…and?”  Because at some point you have to breath in as well as breath out.  At some point all of that stuff either turns into just a collection of stuff or you stop collecting and start incorporating.  I mean, its great if you have all the ingredients to make a cake, but if you don’t actually combine them and apply heat they are just a tease to the rest of us.

What I want to know is have you retreated from all that work and used it?  What have you become, not as a passive receiver of spiritual swag, but as the human being that has been given these raw materials of self and been working them in to create something amazing and new of themselves?  I don’t what to hear that you’ve taken art classes, I want to see what you’re making.   I’m not handing out points for neatness, completion, perfection, skill or style, I just want to see that you’re becoming however that works for you.

Don’t just breath out, breath in.  Learning is fabulous but only one half of the equation.  After learning comes becoming.