I get lots of clients and students coming to me pointing out that they have a disconnect or a problem between what is going on with them physically and the rest of their life.  They are smoking even though they know it’s not good for them and they’ve quit over and over again.  They can’t lose the 30lbs they put on after such-and-so event no matter how much they try.  They love their job but they keep getting injured in ways that have no real cause and which keep them from performing their duties.  They love this person but every time they commit to a relationship they get sick.  It’s uncanny!

For each of these clients I point out the actual disconnect which is they think these physical reactions are sabotage or a problem when they are actual the purest wisdom being expressed in the loudest way possible because the client hasn’t listened to any of the other myriad messages they have gotten.  Our brains are powerful things and in this day and age we are taught that they should be the preeminent aspect of ourselves, everything else being unruly, prone to break down, and simply a mechanism for carrying he brain around.  This isn’t true however.  The brain is wonderful at what it’s supposed to do which is problem solve and make meaning from the input it receives, but it’s not a good decision maker and in fact will disregard all other input when it’s made a decision and will always decide on the side of the known vs the possible or the unknown.  There are many examples of this in cases of rape or mugging or assault.  The person felt that something was wrong, but couldn’t figure out what so dismissed it as a mistake.  Then might notice someone not right or acting odd but dismisses it as a misunderstanding.  By the time it’s too late they report to having multiple warnings and not having heeded them because their logic brain said it couldn’t be so.

Don’t dismiss the wisdom of what your body and your emotions and your soul are trying to tell you.  It doesn’t matter how wonderful she/he seems if you put all the facts down on paper.  If in real-time you get a not quite right vibe, trust that.  You’ll probably learn what that was all about later.  Injuries at work?  Might not be you being clumsy but you trying to get you the hell away from there.  Let your feet do the walking.  Can’t stop smoking?  It’s more than likely not the physical cravings because those would have been dealt with the dozen or so times you tried to quit before.  The issue is the emotional trigger that is smouldering underneath the surface which you are medicating via cigarettes.  Start gently dealing with that and the cravings will magically vanish.

You are wiser than you know, stronger that you believe possible, and are neither broken nor trying to trip yourself up.  You’re actually try to make your life into what you deserve.  Don’t dismiss the message as illogical or silly.  Listen and then act.  The more you trust yourself the more you can be yourself.