Dreams don’t need to be lofty ideals or game changing events.  They don’t have to be ‘happily ever after’ or rider towards the sunset.  They can be small amounts of wonder or joy or amazement that you can fit into the palm of your hand.  They can be doing something you’ve always wanted to try and just never got around to doing.  They can be stopping for that moment to enjoy something you never have time for.  They can be saying ‘yes’ when you’ve always said no before.  Or they can be quietly and firmly saying ‘no’ which is what you’ve always wanted to do and never felt that it was all right.  Dreams can be giving yourself permission to live the way you think you should instead of how people want you to.

Dreams can be trying when people say you shouldn’t or your crazy.  Dreams can be as mundane as pie for breakfast or as wild as creating a circus to join.  The magic part is living them.  Take a chance.  There is no way to fail a dream except not to attempt it.  Any effort towards gaining a dream is part of the dreaming and worth it.  100%.  Truly.  Give it a try and see.  🙂