I’m very much into creating, into doing, into making things happen in life and going for what I want.  I’ve always called it ‘adventuring’ although it’s not adrenaline junky stuff.  I’ve ridden in a two-seater helicopter, but I’m not interested in sky diving.  I am interested in pointing my car in a direction and just driving to find what’s around the next bend.  I’m into trying things I’ve never tried before like Rachel Brice’s belly dance classes because I want to and it doesn’t matter if I fail or not.  I goto shows and conventions on my own and meet amazing people because if I didn’t I would miss out.  And in my family, Missing Out Syndrome is rampant and must be avoided at all cost.  🙂

I just someone that is always doing and learning and creating and going.  However, something has really caught my attention this winter.  This is the second winter in my house by the creek and we have had an unprecedented amount of sunshine this year.  I have spent some time watching the sunlight on the water, watching the birds fly through the trees, a blue heron alighted on one of the trees and I was able to watch it for over 30 minutes while a crow tried to bully it out of the way.  That worked well, lol.  I’ve taken time to walk through the neighborhood and get better acquainted with the people and the rhythms of life.  And there is nothing like a bit of blue sky to brighten up your day.

I’m willing to admit I’m a “do as I say, not what I do” person.  I’m able to advise others on slowing down and smelling the roses, but I’m a bit hesitant to do it myself.  So here’s to just being in the moment.  Although there aren’t any roses out yet, it’s a beautiful day.  I think I’ll take a walk….