It’s not just about intention, it’s also in how you go about it.  In each day we have 100% of our energy to expend.  For most of us, part of that goes to getting to and from work as well as doing the work part.  For those who work from home, you might not have a commute, but keeping the boundaries between home and work takes you through those same paces. 🙂  Then there’s community and family, plus your personal life apart from all of that.  How you allocate your energy and the way you allocate it sets up not only the day, but the ripples outward from you which tells the Universe how you want it to respond to you.

The majority of us have a balanced life is we’re putting 50% of our day into work (on a work day of course) 30% into family/relationships/friends, and 20% into our personal time.  These are averages that change depending on specific things that happen in life.  If you’ve just broken a limb, the energy switches to 80% personal and 20% everything else, mostly in getting help to do the things you can’t and figuring out how you can do them.  If you’re selling a house or buying one then your energy is 80% ‘work’ focused in that you’re dealing with all the logistics of that, personal things get 15% unless they have something to do with the moving process, and friends get the other 5 percent until its time to ask them to help you move. (They can smell that coming a mile away, by the way.  No need to be sneaky, they already know.)

Then there’s the how you’re allocating things.  You may be putting 50% into work, but if you’re doing so in order to avoid doing other things, then the work isn’t going to be satisfying and the projects aren’t going to flourish.  Because you’re putting 50% in but that 50% is actually feeding the thing you’re trying to avoid.  If you’re doing 50% work during the day because you are enthused and completely connected with the work, then it flourishes way more than your work would account for because your energy is feeding it as well. So how you distribute your energy isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the why.  Some say it’s about the intent, but intention and the why don’t always match up.  If you intend to spend more time with your friends in a healthy way, but you’re actually hoping that they’ll set you up with a guy they know, the intention doesn’t mean a lot because the why is the actual energy that gets sent out and they are going to react to that no matter what you intend.  It can seem as if you’re doing all the right things, but not getting the right results.

Balancing your life and where you choose to put your efforts during the day is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.  But don’t just look at the numbers.  Look at how you’re distributing things.  Look to the why you’re doing it, but don’t automatically think that you have to change what you’re doing to improve or shift things.  Because it might be the why that actually needs to change.