We often think about the things we need like brussel sprouts or spinach.  They are good for us, some people like them, most people eat them because they have to in order to get to the other stuff on the plate or to get to dessert.  On the other side we look at wants as all the good things in life that may or may not make us happy (you can insert a plethora of fortune cookie sayings or FB memes here concerning happiness and how one achieves it).  The thing is we see these things as separate, many times opposite, and only sometimes working in harmony.

What I see during Akashic Readings doesn’t always follow that logic.  Many times what we need isn’t discipline or a life lesson or more hard work or healing.  Many times what we need to do is let go of all that strictness and fierce structure and listen to what we want.  Because our wants aren’t always just desires to make us feel happy in the moment.  Our wants can be soul yearnings.  Our wants can be pointing us to a much better and happier life.  Our wants can be the sign post that points out what our life is all about.  And that really could be the Hokey Pokey, how do you know unless you’re listening to what you actually want.

We also tend to be judgmental about our wants.  Small wants, wants of the moment, wants that seem frivolous are seen as less than big wants such as wanting to be this or that when I grow up or wanting a particular career or wanting to have a relationship or wanting to goto this event or that place on vacation.  But all the wants have message.  All the wants have meaning and all of it is relevant.  All of it is you and you are important.  You are not broken, you are not messed up, you are amazing and talented and multifaceted and communicating on all levels including your soul and emotions which want things.

So don’t weigh what you think you need more than what you feel you want, weigh them equally.  I’d say you should smell the roses, but here in the US and Canada we’re pretty much snowed in or covered in sheet ice so never mind.  If you want something, don’t just run out and get it, allow yourself to feel the want and listen to what it has to tell you.  Because it’s pointing the way to something important.