There are all kinds of dreams.  Stress dreams (standing in front of the class in your underwear), prophetic dreams, sex dreams, informational dreams, and pee dreams (the dream you remember as you’re waking up that has all this water imagery in it.)  All dreams have meaning to them although many of them are pretty obvious.  Stress dreams point out that you’re stressed and that your stress is in a specific area you might not have realized.  Rarely do we have generalized stress even though we’d like that to be the case at times.  Sex dreams can be about our needing, wanting, or current ability to have sex, although the sex can also be a symbol for something else.  Your mind and your body can usually determine the difference pretty quickly.  Pee dreams seem amazingly wacky, vivid, and yet they fade as soon as you get up and pee.  It’s just your waking mind coming online at the same time that a dream is ending.

Prophetic dreams and informational dreams are more difficult to parse out.  Very few people have prophetic dreams and if they do, they aren’t about someone else, but about themselves.  These dreams are rarely remembered as long detailed events, but more as vignette or vine videos and when the person actually lives through the event it causes deja vu’.  For a very small number of people they do have detailed prophetic dreams which they remember and which are about others or about events.  It’s not the easiest gift to live with and one with a number of practical and ethical issues that the person experiences each time.  🙁

Most everyone has informational dreams.  Not necessarily all the time because there are times in life where there’s nothing really to say.  But when there is, the dreams kick in. Dreams vary in clarity, immediacy, and length depending on the person’s energy state.  The more a person is on their own path, is listening to themselves, is in harmony body/mind/spirit/emotions the more they are able to access their dreams and the more their dreams can inform them about things.  But as the dreams become more immediate it’s important to remember that they are still messages and using a symbolic language.  They are using images and actions like vocabulary words and they are using the vocabulary of your experiences because that’s the language you know.  Using images and actions you wouldn’t recognize would be pointless.  So a dream about someone you know may not be about them in particular.  It is more than likely they are a symbol, a role, a part of the message you’re to interpret.  Sometimes the person is the actual person, but it’s the actions and the setting and the interaction with you that’s the message.

So step back from your dreams and look at all the things in them as place holders, as symbols, as pieces on a game board.  Once you can label them that way you can get a better idea of the message and start taking action on it.