EponaIn thinking about this year of the Horse, I tend to think about the spiritual beings associated with horses.  Epona is an ancient Celtic goddess originally from the region of Germany.  She symbolizes and embodies the interconnectivity/trust/love/family of the herd.  She was most often depicted with mares and foals and is thought to have been their patron saint, so to speak.  She is the ultimate horse whisperer and she provides us a means by which we can harmonize with the Horse energy of this year.

Epona reiterates the beautiful contradictions in horse.  Beyond the passion vs logic issue I’ve written about recently, horses are huge and powerful, yet in temperament are very gentle and loving.  They are the velvet glove that covers the hand of steel.  They don’t often seek to hurt, but instead enjoy being together in groups, taking care of the weak and the young, living together in harmony and through a form of democracy that gives everyone a say in how and where they live.  Epona supports them in there and participates with it, helping to foster this kind of society where there are good boundaries reinforced with action if necessary, where most fights are avoided and it’s better to flee than stand your ground, where the group supports the one as well as the many, and the goal is to be happy, surrounded by abundance, and drowsy in the sun.  Perhaps a good roll in the hay might be in order later.  😉

Meditating with Epona can help each of us get in tune with the social side of horse and open up our social nature as well.