Palomino Indian PaintA Horse year is not only about passion, but also about fun.  Or having fun while being passionate.  Passionately fun?  Or is that funny? Well, it’s about running wild a bit.  In other years being creative meant getting still, listening to that inner guidance, figuring things out, then taking action.  Horses know better.  Horses do and enjoy the moment.  Horses are about the social and the fun and playing and doing just for the sheer joy of doing.  Ever seen a horse roll in the grass?  Huge 6ft tall animal rolling on their back with legs and hooves waving in the air.  There is groaning too.  That sound that we all make when we take off the too small/too tight/too high shoes at the end of the day.  That delicious “this feels sooooooo gooooooood” sound at the beginning of any massage.  They know that feeling and seek it out whenever it’s available.  This is the year for us to do that too.

That’s not to say that things can’t be serious.  We’ll talk about that in the days to come.  And there is that “too much of a good thing” rule that comes into play.  But it’s still play.  🙂  So kick up your heels a bit and realize that this year is going to be a full out romp into the life you’ve always wanted but never thought you’d had.  It will be full of surprises, too.  I’m hoping you like surprises…..

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  1. Teri, This is amazing. I have been seeing horses in my meditation and I am a horse too by Chinese astrology. This comes right in time to decode, love it , love it!

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