This is the year of the Horse.  Specifically the year of the Wood Horse – of green and growing things, of earth energies and grounded realities. But it’s still Horse.  And Horses are about passion.  About feelings and reactions vs. logic and deeply thought out plans.  We love horses for their freedom and beauty in movement.  We see them as symbols of unfettered joy, of strength, of speed akin to flight, of release from all responsibilities.

We see the epitome of this in wild mustangs.  Smart and wily, tough and rugged survivors they are one of the last free things in this world that isn’t a bird.  However, they are also head strong, stubborn, and destructive.  Stallions will tear down fencing and steal domesticated horses which don’t necessarily adapt to the wild well, let alone the thousands of dollars in loss to their owners.  Along with the wild comes the not being able to lead the horse to water.  We think of that as being noble but it can turn into cutting off the nose to spite the face.

This year will be about contradictions as much as it will be about the magic of dreams realized.  Freedom comes with responsibilities.  Passion can lead us in exactly the wrong direction or no direction if it isn’t guided well.  There is a reason that horses and man have thrived together for millennia.  It’s not about subjugation, but teamwork.  Don’t break the horse, don’t take away its will, create a partnership.  Form a bond of trust and ride into the most amazing new life you can imagine.