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  1. Hi! This is the first time i have ever heard another person describe the energy & connectedness of a house! A few years back our lives just took an ugly turn & we left our house of 5yrs to a ‘Short Sale’ and moved out of state. No matter how much money a buyer had, one after another found themselves rejected from buying this house! It was crazy. Even the Short Sale lawyer & real estate agent gave up after awhile. During this time we returned to the house once or twice & used it as a hotel while we visited family. It was then that I clearly felt the house tell me it was waiting for us to come back! Once i even put my hand on the wall and acknowledged it was sending me a message. Now the likelyhood of returning to this house was non existant. We’re talking backpayments overdue on the mortgage, we lived in another state, my husband & I weren’t sure if we were staying together- not to mention the house is 100yrs old & we never really had the money to keep things in repair. But i knew we had to come back and i made a pledge to take care of it when it let us return. I can’t even tell you how I pulled it all off, but I did- i convinced the mortgage co to reinstate us (w out a lwyer’s help), we stayed together and since I returned I have painted & fixed & hugged this house over & over. Now why it wanted us crazies back – I have no idea. But we’ll stay until it’s had enough of us!! So thank you for verifying my knowledge that yes, buildings not only have energy, but can send us messages.

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